5 reasons why your church should prioritize social media

Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram etc., social networks have become a new channel of evangelism.
They offer so many advantages and possibilities that it would be unwise not to devote the time to them. They could be the secret weapon of struggling churches or a great tool that will help you increase productivity.

Here are 5 reasons why your church should prioritize the use of social media.

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Discover the practical guide to securing places of worship against COVID-19

By now, you have surely equipped and furnished your place of worship to respect hygiene and social distancing measures. However, as the epidemic is still changing, it is best to constantly monitor the efficiency of the equipment used.

Everything for the Church, which provides stop-covid solutions adapted to places of worship, presents a guide to securing participants in the preparations for worship.

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3 reasons to activate your smartphone's airplane mode during worship

Worship… A sacred time when the goal is to focus completely on God, wouldn't it be better if our phones were kept silent?

Suppose you are planning a one-to-one meal with the person you love and that person has their eyes on their phone during the meal. How would you feel

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How do I create jobs in my church?

What if the Church participated in the life of society by creating jobs? Currently, many students, fast graduates and even older people are looking for a work-study program, an internship or a permanent contract.

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How to choose the right furniture for worship?

In 2020, following the pandemic, we have long been removed from our places of worship, which has allowed us to further realize the value of this place and its importance for nurturing fellowship. Of course, today we cannot celebrate God together as before, but we still have the grace of having a special place to meet.

A sacred place, to which we must take special care!

Everything for the church, specialist in the equipment and layout of places of worship, shares with you 5 ideas for choosing the right furniture for worship !

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Why is the Church called to improve the quality of its videos?

Now we can participate in worship without traveling and have the choice of visiting different local churches with just one click.

It looks like this digital church is the Church of tomorrow.

Therefore, it is essential that local churches perfect the quality of dissemination tools , which will soon become essential equipment for a local church.

We present to you 3 reasons why a church is called to disseminate the gospel on the web with quality tools.

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